Designer Concrete Floor Tiles


Product Description

We manufacture various designs of concrete chequered tiles, each design has its own story. These are mostly applicable at exterior floor of residential or complex, gardens, jogging paths, walkways etc. Normally these are suitable for light load and low movements.

Feature: * Crack resistance * Attractive design * Available in red, grey, green, yellow, orange and brown. *

size: 300x300x25



To fulfill the diverse requirements of our esteemed clients, we are engaged in offering various designs of chequered tiles among those one of our favourite is Dignified chequered tile. These products are exclusively designed by the team of skilled and experienced professionals of the industry. Creative thoughts and innovative designs are taken into consideration while designing these tiles.

Features: * Available in various colours * Eco-friendly nature * Excellent shine



We are engaged in providing an extensive range of designer chequered tiles. These tiles are of uniform shape and absolutely flaw less. These are offered in various colors, patterns and designs, and comply with the latest international standards.

Feautures: * Long lasting colour *High resistance to Ultra Violate rays *

Size: 300x300x25 mm



Here we are to present the Grand chequred tiles, apply it at your house entrance or kitchen backward, garden, pathway, and e.t.c. Applying these tiles is just one time expense and rest of the life you enjoy its amazing look. these tiles are designed in such away that it will never let you down.

Features: *Long lasting colour *

size: 300x300x25 mm * Non slippery



The most vital work of our production house is to create all the tiles of same size so at to avoid dis- balance of flooring. As its a labour intensive work we have the best workers who are well trained. We just not believe in increasing the volume of production but also emphasis on the quality of production.

Features: * Available in various colours * Accurate thickness * Highly reliable * Abrasion resistance





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Area by tiles : 1080
Size : 720